Friday, 28 October 2011

Arrow Video and ArrowDrome Blu-ray and DVD Release News for 2012!

Brought to you offically via our exclusive feed with CULT LABS, I've got some exciting news about some of the amazing releases the mighty Arrow Video and its offshot ArrowDrome have got planned for the UK in 2012. There's no news yet about release dates and extra features etc., but there are some long-awaited titles included in the list, as well as the addition of a purple-covered Blaxploitation range from Arrowdrome!

Without further ado, here's the full list, followed by proposed cover artwork:

Red Scorpion (Arrow Video) (Blu-ray)

The House by the Cemetery (Arrow Video) (Blu-ray)

Demons (Arrow Video) (Blu-ray)

Demons (Arrow Video) (Limited Edition DVD)

Demons 2 (Arrow Video) (Blu-ray)

Demons 2 (Arrow Video) (Limited Edition DVD)

The Deadly Spawn (Arrow Video) (DVD)

Cat o' Nine Tails (ArrowDrome) (DVD)

Penitentiary (ArrowDrome) (DVD) - purple is the new colour for blaxploitation!

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